Notable Concrete in Raleigh and Vicinity

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Notable Concrete in Raleigh and Vicinity

July 1, 2020 to July 1, 2020
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ACI Convention Fall 2020
Raleigh , NC   United States
Sponsor(s): ACI Committee 124, Concrete Aesthetics

Compendium of notable concrete in and near Raleigh for e-publication at the Fall 2020 American Concrete Institute (ACI) Convention in Raleigh, October 25-29, 2020. Document will be available as an electronic file on the ACI web site, and may be excerpted in Concrete International. Images submitted will be stored and available as electronic files on the ACI web site and may be used in ACI educational and promotional materials. Exceptional images may merit placement on the cover of Concrete International.
Solicited: Image and brief description of notable concrete (cast-in-place, precast, post-tensioned, FRP, masonry, tilt-up, etc.) in all types of uses (buildings, monuments, pavement, silos, bridges, crypts, furniture, retaining walls, utility poles, tanks, sculpture, culverts, plazas, and whatever else has caught your attention). Significance may be historical, aesthetic, sustainable, functional, structural, construction-related, unusual use or application, or simply personal affection.
Requirements: 1. Name and location, including zip code. 2. Image (photograph, drawing, or sketch) that is not copyrighted. 3. Brief description that establishes significance and lists project credits. 4. Submitter’s name, title, organization, city and state, telephone, and e-mail address. Submit all information in electronic format: Image as JPG or TIF file at least 1 MB (but no more than 4 MB); text in email or as MSWord document (120 words maximum). No PDF files, please.
Deadline: Materials submitted by July 1, 2020.
Send to: Michael J. Paul, Larsen & Landis, 11 W. Thompson St., Philadelphia, PA 19125,
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For more information, contact:
Michael J. Paul
Larsen & Landis
11 W. Thompson St.
Philadelphia, PA    19125    United States
Phone: na
Fax: na


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