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Evaluation of the Orientation of Concrete Finishing Machines in Skewed Bridges Using Finite Elements
by Brandon Gillis, Faress Hraib, Saint Louis University; Li Hui, Saint Louis University; and Riyadh Hindi, Saint Louis University

Session details

Advanced Analysis and Testing Methods for Concrete Bridge Evaluation and Design (ACI Spring 2019 Convention, Québec City, QC, Canada) The session objective is to present state-of-the-art and emerging technologies for the strength evaluation and design of concrete bridges using advanced computational analysis and load testing methods. The following topics are considered: advanced nonlinear modeling and nonlinear finite element analysis (NLFEA), structural versus element rating, determination of structure specific reliability indexes, load testing beyond the service level, load testing to failure, and use of continuous monitoring for detecting anomalies.

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November 2 - 8

Constructability: Determining the Effectiveness of Curing Concrete
by Tyler Ley, Oklahoma State University

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Concrete Constructability: River of Knowledge (ACI Fall 2019 Convention, Cincinnati, OH) Contractors are interested in removing the formwork from concrete walls as soon as 12 hours in order to reuse these forms. While these walls may have sufficient strength, there is concern about the long-term durability of removing the forms at early ages. Curing is known to maintain the concrete moisture and promote hydration towards a denser microstructure and improved durability. This research aims to investigate the impact of different curing methods after form removal at different times on both drying rate and ion penetration into concrete. Rapid drying on young concrete can cause cracking if the element is restrained, like a wall, which exacerbates ions and moisture penetrations leading to corrosion and other durability issues. This study provides quantitative values for mass loss and chloride concentration using Micro X-ray Fluorescence which gives insights into the service life of their concrete and help choose more reliable curing methods, curing duration, and form removal times.

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