Concrete International

September 2019

Design & Management Technologies

Feature Articles

A Seawall Constructed with GFRP Bars as Structural Reinforcing
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The system was designed to help preserve the character of the local environment and reduce life-cycle costs

Robotic Reinforcing Bar Assembly

A reprieve from manually tying reinforcing bars

Brittle Failures in Precast Parking Structures

Collapses of double-tee flanges are attributed to design and fabrication flaws

Technology Helping Construction Finance Professionals

Cloud-based software solutions aim to increase productivity

AIA Small Project Awards for 2019

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recognized 12 exceptional designs with its 2019 Small Project Awards

Viewing 3-D Scaffolding Models

Scaffold Viewer allows users to visualize scaffolding designs prior to construction

ACI Foundation: Knowledge to Practice

Announcing completed research projects