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Creating Durable Concrete in Cold Weather

November 3, 2020 to November 3, 2020
Starting Time:   1 PM  EST
End Time:   2 PM  EST

Sponsor(s): American Concrete Institute

For decades, the Cold Weather committee at ACI has been focused on creating guidelines for contractors to employ so that concrete placed during cold weather is not only protected from damage from freezing temperatures, but also meets or exceeds durability requirements for the intended service conditions. We will discuss ways to ensure concrete placed during cold weather achieves the desired strength in a short timeframe while also minimizing the extra costs associated with cold-weather concreting using some simple and inexpensive tools. Citing real-world examples, topics such as heated aggregates, embedded temperature and maturity sensors, protection measures, and air-entrainment will be explored, all with a focus on durability. As well as understanding what you have to do to place non-air-entrained concrete and the risks involved. – John Gnaedinger and Tim West
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