Concrete Resource Subscriptions


ACI offers digital and on-demand access to popular bundles of the Institute’s leading technical and educational content.

ACI Collection Online

The online subscription to the ACI Collection of Concrete Codes, Specifications, and Practices includes near 50 codes and specifications plus 200+ practices (including all guides and reports). This subscription is continuously updated with the latest versions of ACI documents and includes all historical codes and specifications.

ACI University Subscription

The ACI University All-Access Digital Subscription offers all-access to ACI University webinars and 250+ on-demand courses.

ACI Concrete Repair Subscription

The ACI Concrete Repair Subscription provides access to ACI’s new and existing concrete repair-specific content, including65+ codes, specifications, guides, and reports; 16+ educational publications and documents; 33+ on-demand courses through ACI University; and 25+ symposium volumes.

ACI Symposium Papers Subscription

The Symposium Papers Subscription provides access to over 6,000 papers published since 1962 – including new papers that are published.

Periodical Subscriptions

Subscribe to one of ACI’s three periodicals:

- ACI Materials Journal
- ACI Structural Journal
- CI Magazine

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